The main reason for ATE’s initiative to feed pupils in some selected deprived Junior High Schools in the Lawra Municipality is to ease access to basic education in those rural areas. This initiate drove most children back into schools not only in the Lawra Township but also in the remote villages like Gombile where we operate.

Why do we still have children not in school? Why do we still have our pupils from Gombile traveling down south at the end of each term? What is the future for these kids? These questions drove me to undertake this research at Gombile community.’

Children in Gombele working during the school day

Rexford Benon, ATE Hub Manager for Gombile and Biro, has conducted detailed research into school dropout at Gombile Junior High School. This research was carried out by him voluntarily, with the objective being to deepen his understanding of his Hub and to create recommendations to improve retention of teenagers in the school he is responsible for – Gombile Junior High School.

Rexford’s work is outstanding, it demonstrates excellent knowledge of the subject and shows great initiative. We are now busy working on plans to carry out his recommendations.

You can read his report here:GR Report docx