An apprenticeship scheme

ATE is bringing change in Lawra through small business development and now through apprenticeships too.

Under our small business development programme, ATE has developed a new project called VocATE to support young women with limited employment opportunities into apprenticeships. We match them with a small business owner skilled in the trade of their choosing, assist with initial fees and equipment costs, and provide supervision and support through to completion to gain life-long vocational skills.

The purpose of this project is to enable young women to learn a trade through which they will be able to generate income for themselves and their families in future. It has been developed in recognition that whilst there are high levels of poverty and limited opportunities to make money, there are local trades’ people with technical skills to share within the district. The potential benefits of the apprenticeship model can be great, but poverty creates barriers for many would-be apprentices to negotiate on the job training.

Following a thorough application and screening process, ATE has engaged 23 bright, motivated, hardworking young women and matched them with the right small business owner who will train them in their desired vocation. For example to become a seamstress, weaver, or hairdresser.

All the apprentices and their matched trainers attended an exciting initial training workshop before signing on to the 3 year process.

Throughout the apprenticeship, ATE monitors the relationship closely, mentoring both to ensure good practice and a positive training relationship between Small Business Owner and Apprentice to ensure effective vocational training and progression of skill acquisition.

At the end of the process, the small business owners who successfully complete the full training of their apprentices receive a ‘thank you’ contribution to support the development of their business and the fully trained apprentice will be fast-tracked onto the ATE business development programme (BizATE) to start up their own small business!

Registered charity number: 1149988