Historic, heart-lifting night, as Minister of State Andrew Mitchell MP and former Hub Manager Julius Maaire join forces to support Action Through Enterprise.


“I am really, really impressed by what you are doing.” Andrew Mitchell MP

“I’m not speaking for me. I’m not speaking for ATE. I’m speaking on behalf of my people, for Lawra. Barka.” Julius Maaire, former ATE Hub Manager


It is probably the first time that Dagaare – the local language in Lawra – has ever been heard in the House of Lords, and we’re so proud that Action Through Enterprise made it happen. Hearing “barka, thank you,” was one of many highlights of an incredible evening, as we welcomed distinguished guests and launched our “Ambition and Hope” campaign to raise an extra £100,000 this year.

The reception in March, kindly hosted by Lord Austin, was held in the beautiful River Room, against the backdrop of the Thames. The voices of our Lawra team, alongside  pupils, parents, disabled children, entrepreneurs and apprentices, were truly inspirational as we played our Ambition and Hope film.

The launch of the campaign was backed by Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP (Min of State for Development and Africa, Lord Austin and long-standing supporter Sir John Sawers. Our Chief Exec, Sarah Annable-Gardner, thanked everyone who has generously given to Action Through Enterprise over the years and encouraged others to join us in the future.

In a truly historic moment, Julius Maaire talked about his personal experiences as someone from Lawra and a former ATE employee. Wearing a traditional Lawra smock, he proudly revealed it had been made by one of the apprentices we support. He ended by speaking a few words of Dagaare, thanking people for their generous support with “barka”.

The Ambition and Hope Appeal needs to raise £100,000 to enable us to continue our vital work in Lawra and double our impact by expanding to neighbouring Nandom. The House of Lords event was a wonderful start to the campaign, and we have already raised more than £10,000.

If you’re considering joining us in bringing ambition and hope to the people of Lawra and Nandom, you can make a donation here.

Watch the highlights of this wonderful event here: