On a hot, sunny Wednesday morning in Lawra, Upper West Ghana, our ATE Inclusion Centre was host to our ATE Stakeholder Event this January.

Along with our ATE Ghana Inclusion Centre team, we were joined by Charles Gardner, ATE Chair of Trustees and 40 key stakeholders from the Lawra Community.

In attendance was Lawra Municipal Coordinating Director Mohammad Majeed, GES Director Madam Sophia Dimah Nandzo along with our partner schools Headteachers and PTA Chairmen and many other well respected and influential stakeholders.

The event began at 10am with a warm welcome by ATE Director of Operations Jessica Cruse and opening prayer led by Bizate Consultant Jeremiah. Introductions to the group were made by the ATE team, explaining their roles and responsibilities, Prosper, Nicholas, Rexford and Ernestina whilst SNAP Lead Kaamil was absent having travelled to Accra.

The Keynote speech was delivered by ATE Chair of Trustees Charles Gardner who welcomed the group, addressing recent changes to ATE whilst also looking ahead at ATE and Lawra’s continued partnership and future. The speech was followed by an open floor question and answer session led by Jessica.

Commendations for ATE’s impact across Lawra were given by Majeed, the Lawra Municipal Coordinating Dircector on behalf of the Lawra Municipal Chief Executive Officer. PTA Chair of KPS  as well as GES Special Education Coordinator gave thanks and pleas for continued partnership working and support.

It was a clear sentiment from the group of stakeholders that continued partnership with ATE is on everyone’s agenda, concluded by Jessica ‘If you want to go somwhere, walk alone, if you want to go far, walk together’ continuing to urge the stakeholders to come together with us as we enter the rest of 2020.

Event Highlights:

  • Commendations for ATE’s impact and hard work given by the Lawra Municipal Assembly and Ghana Education Service Group
  • Sign language- taught by Special Education Coordinator at GES, the remaining session used the sign language for applauding
  • The attendance of traditional Chiefs and members of the Chiefs Palace

Event Attendees:

Lawra Municipal Coordinating Director Ghana Education Service Director, GES NGO Coordinator, GES Special CoordinatorLawra Municipal Director of AgricultureNational Youth Association Municipal Director National Health Insurance Services Manager Headteachers from Gombile JHS, Dowine JHS, Bagri JHS, Girls Model JHS, Karbo JHS, Karbo Primary, Biro JHSPTA Chairmen from Gombile JHS, KPS, KJHS, DJHS, Social Welfare and Community Director NADMO (National Association for Disaster Management) Operations Officer National Service Scheme (NSS) Municipal Director ATE SBO- Haruna, ATE Bizate Consultant- Mumuni and Karley AlbeboureSSNIT Lawra Branch ManagerGCB Lawra Branch Manager Assembly members and local ChiefsGhana National Fire Service