I had the unique privilege to visit some  farmers who are into Dry Season Farming. Spending time with farmers, on the farm, learning about their work was an eye-opening experience.

Lissa farming group was one of the farms I visited. This is a farming group of disabled people who are very proud to work for themselves and see farming as a life-time job. Lissa is a small farming community located in the outskirts of Lawra Municipal. The people love farming and this group has not been an exception.


Happy working together as a group


I met with them, and during our interaction, each one of them said:

  • “We do what we love to do, and be around things that make us smile. The crops make us smile every day”.—-S. Tanko, Lissa farming group.
  • “We are passionate about our work. We love our crops and are happy to produce a healthy wholesome product like vegetables!”—B. Philomena, Lissa farming group.
  • “It’s more than a job, it’s a way of life”.—Tang, Lissa farming group. He actually said this with a smile of genuineness.
  • “It feels good at the end of the day to know you made something that others are going to enjoy”. They said proudly!

Sadly, I also saw poor working conditions for the farmers. They are very challenged with source of water for the watering of their crops. Because of this, they struggle to get water for their crops which is usually not adequate for healthy growth. Most vegetables die as a result. This requires funds to hire labourers to make it deeper.


Crops destruction by animals is another problem that this poor group is faced with in their farm work. Animals eat their crops with no mercy! Their garden fence is weak and needs to be strengthened. The sticks are old and needs to be replaced. However, they are not allowed to cut anymore sticks by the community. This group needs to be supported in order to keep their farm and source of livelihood alive.


Lissa Farming Group has been affected even further by the pandemic, with prices increasing, transport restricted, markets shut, and fear widespread. To support this group, and others like it, contribute to a Dry Season Farming ‘Regrow’ Grant through ATE’s Rebuild for Better campaign today.


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Written by Kanyir Kuube-Isaan