Bagri Junction JHS shut in lockdown

Education forms an essential part of our everyday life, which goes beyond what takes place within the four walls of the classroom – it could be formal, informal or non-formal. These different types of education sometimes take place in varied ways, and in varied places. COVID-19 has affected formal education the most, because schools experienced a total lockdown, leaving school children at the mercy of their guidance, with some on their own.



Farming activities can take place at any time necessary. It is very normal for everyone to farm in many parts of the world, but exceptional cases raise eyebrows high and wide in this regard. COVID-19 has broken the protocols of our normal daily life. The regular academic calendar is within this time compromised for farming activities for many school children in Lawra. Solomon (left) completed Bagri Junction JHS last year and transitioned to the secondary school, while Domepiel (right) is currently a Bagri Junction JHS two student. Schools should have been in active session with these young men both in the class learning – what we see today is determined by COVID-19.

Solomon (left) and Domepiel (right) on their way to farm


To help us to get children like Solomon and Domepeil back in the classroom when schools reopen, ensuring they gain valuable skills and qualifications for their future, support ATE’s Rebuild for Better Campaign with a ‘Back to School Pack.’


Written by Nicholas Naawe, Hub Manager