Our first ten years have achieved so much – now Action Through Enterprise is ready for an ambitious new phase of growth.


The first good news is that we are two years ahead of schedule with our plan to ensure that everyone in the district of Lawra can access our programmes, should they want to. In 2022, we launched feeding and support programmes in two schools in the remote village of Tanchara, along with eight small businesses and a SNAP disability group, working with the local community to create a Hub of activity and enterprise there. In 2023, we open what will be our last Hub in Lawra District, bringing the community of Kalsagri into the Action Through Enterprise family.

It’s only with the dedication and expertise of Gabriel Maanibe (Director of Operations) and the incredible team in Ghana that we’ve been able to accelerate our expansion across Lawra. And that’s why the story doesn’t end here…

After a decade of earning trust and gaining knowledge in Lawra, we’re ready to take our tried and tested model further afield. We begin the next ten years with a bigger dream, to enable other communities to fulfil their potential, for their children to study, their businesses to grow, their disabled children to thrive.

So, in January, we head north to Nandom, a similar sized district 45 minutes from Lawra. We will use what we’ve learnt in this first decade to transform Nandom in the next – we’ll begin by engaging stakeholders, and building relationships, with a 4-year plan for six Hubs. By that point, we will have launched in another district, and then another, working across rural Ghana and (maybe, hopefully) beyond, using our learnings from each new launch to improve our model. Our Lawra Hub will continue to be a Centre of Excellence, providing a benchmark for brilliant work that will inspire and inform our every move.

We’ve got this far on a very small budget. This year we’ll spend around £200,000, providing huge impact at great value for money. Next year, we’ll need 50% more, and we hope to have doubled our income by 2025. By that point, we will have changed the lives of more than 20,000 people.

We’ll do this hand-in-hand with communities, with our extraordinary staff and volunteers and with the support and insight of our donors. Thank you so much for making this first incredible decade possible, we hope that you will join us on this next adventure – to transform the world of rural communities with a template for community-led development that is as high in impact as it is sustainable and resilient.

This is our achievable dream for our next ten years. We are so excited about the future, and determined to make it happen.