We are excited to announce that we have a new Director of Operations in Lawra! As of the 1st January, Gabriel Maanibe now heads the operations of Action Through Enterprise (ATE). With considerable working experience in community development, the nonprofit and NGO sectors and also with both local and international experience, and a native of Lawra, he brings onboard the right type of leadership for the team in Lawra. Before joining ATE in this new role, Gabriel completed a master’s degree in Public Affairs and a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management.


He has worked in the nonprofit sector both in the United States and Ghana. His career forming years in development practice, started at ATE in 2012 where he volunteered in various capacities and had the opportunity to learn some international best practices through the ATE’s training as part of the BIzATE small business development program. Gabriel attained a Senior Consultant status at ATE due to the enormous experience he gained while volunteering in conducting feasibility studies, data collection, field monitoring, and small business training.

We are committed to local leadership and professional development of our team in Ghana so are very excited to have a native of Lawra in this senior position. Gabriel is the perfect fit for the next stage of our growth!

Gabriel says:

‘Growing up in Lawra, I have experienced poverty and its devastating effect on the wellbeing and
living standards of poor families, especially women and children. I also understand what it feels like when help comes – hope, right to access, and an opportunity to actualize one’s dimming future goals. It is this experience that has made me an ambassador of ATE because their interventions and direct connection with the people they care about the most resonates with me and many other families in and around Lawra. ATE has a strong commitment to fight poverty through economic and social empowerment and over the years has championed the implementation of socio-economic projects aimed at lifting vulnerable people, out of abject poverty and for me, being a team member of ATE at this critical time is a way of giving back to my community while advancing the mission of ATE.

In this role, I am shooting for greater achievements together with my team here in Lawra and in close collaboration with our UK team. This position has put me in a position where I would be able to utilize my experience effectively in designing programs that will fit in well with the needs of our beneficiaries. I am committed to advancing the overall mission of this organization as we move forward.’