Covid-19: An International Struggle

Covid-19 has affected countless lives in more ways than we realise. Especially those who live in regions less privileged than that of the UK. Imagine how this pandemic must be affecting families in areas such as Lawra in Ghana. How different do you think the situation is over there?

The whole world has been engaged in this international struggle against Covid-19 and this has meant that for the first time in decades, over seven billion people have all feared the same thing. However, it has been through this crisis that the world has become more united and more connected than ever before, and it is because of this, that I have been given the opportunity to work with the charity Action Through Enterprise as a part of my Duke of Edinburgh Programme with my school. And I am using this as a means to gather more awareness for this fantastic charity in Ghana from my home in Godalming.

Amaan Noorani

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