“Innovative and entrepreneurial ATE promotes sustainable solutions.” Lord Paul Boateng


It’s been a busy few months getting our message out to Parliamentarians. As a result of tremendous support from Lord Ian Austin, we’ve had productive meetings with some inspiring people. We are especially grateful to Lord Boateng, who has given us the following endorsement:

“ATE is an exemplary community development project that mobilises resources around education, nutrition and wealth creation in a way that empowers all too often neglected and rural communities.


Innovative and entrepreneurial ATE promotes sustainable solutions to delivering development at the grassroots and is worthy of support and replication across Ghana and beyond.”


We’ve also had positive meetings with:

  • Preet Gill, Shadow International Development Minister
  • Lord Paul Boateng, Chair Ghana International Bank Foundation, formerly UK High Commissioner to South Africa and Chief Secretary HM Treasury UK
  • Lord Jack McConnell, co-chair All-Party Parliamentary Group on UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development
  • Lord Ray Collins, Labour lead on International Development in the Lords
  • Baroness Kate Hoey, Ghana Trade Envoy
  • Baroness Fiona Hodgson, co-chair All-Party Parliamentary Group on Women, Peace and Security

Everyone has been impressed and inspired by our work, given us lots of interesting ideas and connected us with other great people. We’re excited to further develop relationships and links in the future!