Let’s keep in touch!


Because regulations about how organisations contact supporters are changing, we will be getting in touch to ask for your consent to keep in contact with you in future. So, why does ATE ask to have, keep and use your contact details?

  • The main reason is because you wonderful people have supported ATE so well in the past, either by donating your time or a gift. When this happens we make a record of it.
  • We want to thank you! Without your permission to keep in contact we won’t be able to thank you for the support you have shown, which makes us feel mean.
  • We want to share ATE’s stories and developments with you. We have a very small team working hard to keep ATE doing brilliant work. Because we are a small charity, dependant on the interest and generosity of people like you, we want to share the wonderful things your support helps us do. So we send one Summer and one Christmas newsletter each year.
  • Very occasionally a specific project or event will arise where we will need to contact supporters that we think will be particularly interested.


What we are asking you to do: 

As a supporter of ATE, you’ll know that is it rare for us to contact you unnecessarily, so please do look out for our email ahead of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) coming into effect in May 2018. And please do check your junk mail folder just in case!

Please reply to let us know what personal data (which includes: your name, address and/or email) you are happy for us to hold and to contact you on, and that you’d like to keep hearing from us. You can let us know if you change your mind at any time.

ATE is able to do the amazing work we do with people in Lawra, Upper West, Ghana, because of the friends that support us, and we don’t want to lose touch with you. Equally if you are not currently on our contact list and would like to get on it please see below for ways to contact us and stay connected.


Ways to get in contact with ATE: