Sensen are savoury pancakes made with bean flour, water and oil. When the Sensen are served, they are torn up into medium sized pieces and mixed into a pot of green vegetables. Deliciously salty, they are eaten with your hands and go perfectly with a bit of chilli powder over the top!

  1. Add the bean flour to a mixing bowl
  2. Add enough water until you can mix the flour into a thick paste
  3. Continue adding water until the mixture has a similar consistency to porridge
  4. Add cooking oil to a frying pan and heat slightly
  5. Add one ladle full of the bean flour mixture to pan at a time
  6. Cook until golden and flip
  7. Continue until you have used all your bean flour mixture
  8. Leave Sensen to cool
  9. Once cool, tear to pieces and add to your vegetable mix (see suggestion below)

Select your favourite green vegetables, in Ghana it is commonly served with sehr-var (green leaves) or you can  try Moringa leaves and green peppers. Perhaps spinach would be a good substitute in the UK. Prepare your chosen vegetables by adding in salt and chilli pepper powder, add chopped onions and green pepper. Cook these in a sauce pan with a little oil until the onions and peppers are softened.

Now mix together with your pieces of Sensen and enjoy!