SNAP is taking centre stage in ATE operations for 2018. The most significant programme development will involve the building of a brand new, purpose-built SNAP building!


Through a generous grant from the District Chief Executive we have acquired a plot of land in the centre of Lawra Town upon which our new SNAP building will stand!


Up until now, we have rented the Teacher Resources Centre just outside the centre of town where SNAP meetings have been held – it is a sheltered building of reasonable size but we cannot store any learning or creative resources for the children there. Our new, purpose-built centre will allow for bright, light and colourful décor to stimulate and engage the children; storage facilities mean we will be able to develop learning and development resources to encourage play and active learning among children of different capabilities; the SNAP centre will be a visible ATE landmark in the centre of Lawra town that will serve as a visual message that disability is not a curse or something to be ashamed of but that each disabled child has the right to live a valued life with opportunities to contribute to their community.


Thanks to the generous support of long-term supporters and volunteers, Stephen and Janet Hodgson, plans are already being developed for our new SNAP centre and we couldn’t be more excited. To ensure that SNAP continues to be thoughtfully delivered and to allow the programme to develop with the needs of its members, we have recruited a brand new staff member to lead SNAP. Kaamil is an energetic young man from the Zongo community in Lawra. For the past 10 years he has worked with the Lawra District Assembly. His drive to become an advocate for people living with disabilities came from his experiences over the years working with the Social Welfare and Community Development Office. When he saw the SNAP position advertised he jumped at the chance to apply! Kaamil will be responsible for the management and delivery of all aspects of SNAP and we can’t wait for the dedication and enthusiasm we know he’ll bring to this important role!


As plans develop and as the building work commences, you can look forward to plenty of exciting updates and stories throughout the year! It is going to make such a positive impact on SNAP and the children we support.