Celebrating a life well lived by helping to improve the lives of others: In memory of David ‘Harry’ Greenhalgh 

All of us at ATE are extremely touched by the gesture of Harry’s loved ones to have raised funds for ATE’s work with disabled children and their families in Ghana, in tribute to him and his life. We want to honour his memory and share this story as expressed below by his dear friend, Segun.
 “I first met David ‘Harry’ Greenhalgh about 10 years ago. It was my fist managerial role as a chef in a busy West-End of London kitchen.


Harry had taken a role as a junior chef in order to find a country pub he wanted to purchase. As a seasoned chef Harry quickly saw I was out of my depth and quickly became a mentor and dear friend. About a year later Harry left that role to help a long time friend who was in need of a chef. Missing my friend I went to join Harry in a extremely busy restaurant next to The Old Vic Theatre in Waterloo. About 6 months later Harry found his ideal pub in Esher, Surrey. I decided that I wanted to study and Harry offered me a live in job at the pub, where he was willing to give me work around my studies. We lived together above the pub for 3 years, working side by side during the day, and sharing a flat by the evening. We had a very memorable experience full of ups and downs, but it was clear that we had become family. Harry’s son also became a little brother to me and we all new we would be friends for life.

After the pub we both decided that our hearts lay in London and we would return to city that we loved. I started university and Harry helped me with work here and there, as he moved around London. It was while he was living in Notting Hill, he met a woman in his local pub, and they immediately knew it was love. After a year or so of dating his partner (who was originally from Ghana), she decided to return to her homeland with her young daughter whom he clearly loved too. Knowing that his son was about to start university and was in the best hands with his ex-wife and a watchful eye of myself, Harry decided that the next chapter of his life lay with his partner in Ghana. 


Soon after he moved, he quickly fell in love with Ghana and decided that he would never want to leave. He then setup a small cafe, mixing Ghanaian tradition with British favourites. Cementing his love for his new homeland. 


Sadly in May 2018, at the young age of 48, Harry passed away due to unforseen heart complications. It feels kind of poetic as his heart definitely did a lot of work.


When he moved to Ghana, the poverty deeply saddened him; especially the lives of the young and disabled Ghanaians. 


Harry lives on in the hearts and minds of his close family and many friends. He was one of the most loving and generous people I’ve ever met. Good food, plenty of drink, music and good company was Harry’s passion and all were welcome at his table.


To honour his memory and mirror the kind generous man he was, I felt the best was to give something back, and what better way than to work with ATE, and help contribute to their amazing work which was very close to Harry’s very big heart.


Even though he’s gone, it’s nice to find solace in the fact that his loving and caring spirit will live on in Ghana, the country where his heart found rest.”


By Segun Kapo


To find out more about ATE’s Special Needs Awareness Programme please visit: http://ateghana.org/s-n-a-p/