By teaching the concept of saving, our Small Business Owners are able to grow their businesses and care for their families

Rufina is a weaver in Lawra town with her shop in an excellent location where she is guaranteed regular customers and steady foot traffic. When we visit Rufina she has two apprentices working alongside her which indicates an impressive workload. Indeed, Rufina tells us she only works on commission items and on a good week, around festivals or Christmas, she can make up to six rolls of fabric in a week.

Rufina is renting her current work space. Although it is difficult for her to work there during the rainy season because the weaving machines and the thread stretched tight take up a considerable space which she isn’t able to provide shelter for, she has been saving her profits to buy her shop off of the current owner. It is wonderful to hear that in just this year, Rufina has already saved over half of what she needs to buy her shop and aims to save the rest by November.

Rufina attributes this success to ATE for teaching her the ‘culture of saving’, enabling her to feel the ‘impact of her work’. Before partnering with ATE, Rufina very nearly ended her weaving career because she was unable to afford the materials without being paid in advance. It is wonderful to hear that with a baby on the way, her business is thriving with regular customers and, if she is able to keep up with her savings, will be liberated from the burden of rent too.

Rufina has even donated some of her hard earned savings towards our EducATE programme, sharing the rewards of her labour with her community.