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Vision: An end to poverty in Lawra

ATE is a charity that is deeply concerned by the inequality of wealth in Ghana. We are committed to achieving a measurable reduction in poverty in Lawra by 2020 through social and economic development. 

What we do

In the rural Upper West of Ghana, far from the prosperous capital, poverty is widespread. Children are hungry, opportunities are few and many people are struggling to find a way to survive with only limited outside support. ATE is working in Lawra to give practical and financial support to vulnerable people, helping them to further themselves, and to build a brighter future for their families.  ATE is making a significant difference in Lawra. We are changing lives.  


Many people in the Upper West of Ghana have skills and ability to make money, but no money to buy the materials they need to start a small business. ATE is working with these vulnerable people who have ideas, motivation and skills but need a little support to get started.

SNAP (Special Needs Awareness Programme)

SNAP works to improve the lives of the families of children living with special needs. Through raising awareness, providing basic health-care and education, and giving regular support to this vulnerable group, we hope to reduce stigma and increase access to basic human rights.
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Attendance in Lawra schools is extremely low. Children are instead spending their time searching for food in the bush, climbing dangerously high trees, catapulting wild animals, farming the land or selling food at the market.

ATE provides hungry children with a free, nutritious meal during the school day, encouraging more children into education and enabling those who are already in school to learn to the best of their ability, with food in their stomachs.
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Provide funding and support for these initiatives

Act responsibly and carefully to use all resources to maximum effect in increasing the well being of the people we work with

Strive to ensure that the initiatives are sustainable and have a long term impact but recognise that some impact may only be in the short term





We urgently need your donations to sustain our work.

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