Training and Mentoring

Although the financial support given to new Small Business Owners is an important part of the BizATE process, as valuable is the careful training and mentoring that we give. Small Business Owners and ATE staff build a relationship of trust and honesty, working together to give the business every chance of success.

As well as providing monthly mentoring to all year one businesses, ATE facilitates regular trainings session in Lawra District, facilitated by ATE staff, consultants and specialist business advisers, covered customer care and the importance of retaining capital. During these 2 day workshops, Small Business Owners evaluate their successes, sharing their knowledge, experience and challenges. There is a real focus on peer learning and support.


Workshop’s are attended by a cross-section of the community who have all had a helping hand from Action Through Enterprise’s BizATE project to set up and expand their businesses. These businesses include weavers, mechanics, electricians, and other ventures.

Theresa, a local seamstress in her twenties with a young family, was awarded a small business grant by ATE in July 2015. She recently said “the workshop has helped me to open my mind on how to run my business successfully and the ongoing advice and success that I enjoy has also had a positive impact on the lives of my family members”. The workshop Theresa was referring to closed with the recognition that there was no doubt a group of intelligent, committed citizens attending the sessions who can make big changes to drive the local economy.

Sarah explains that she set up the BizATE project to encourage enterprise, to enable people with tenacity and determination to stand on their own two feet, and thrive. “Here in Lawra District, where most people are subsistence farmers, families experience high levels of poverty and months of food insecurity each year. This is why the BizATE project is so important”.

Registered charity number: 1149988