We are expanding into a brand new community, and need your help to launch our new Hub!

We are launching The Tanchara Twenty campaign, twenty days of fundraising for our new Hub in Tanchara, Lawra. This new Hub will allow us to reach a whole new community in Lawra, using our Hub Model to reach the most in need.

We are so excited to be expanding into our sixth Hub in Lawra, and reaching a new community! Our Hub Model delivers a range of integrated programmes to improve access to education, inclusion and income generation to each rural community. 

Tanchara has few thriving local businesses compared to more easily accessed communities in Lawra, and few opportunities for further education or vocational training, but has strong local leadership who we are excited to work in partnership with to develop opportunities.

As with our other Hubs, our entry point into supporting Tanchara will be our relationship with the schools – firstly through our access to education programme, EducATE. Working in the two local schools we will be providing nutritious meals for over 200 students daily, encouraging good attendance and giving them the energy to focus fully on their education. On top of that we will provide learning materials, sanitary products and empowerment workshops for girls, and stable employment for three local women from the community as cooks.


The Challenge


Over the twenty days we will be challenging ourselves to walk, run or cycle 20 miles to celebrate the launch of our new hub! We would love you to join us however you can. You can do anything from one mile a day to 20 miles all at once, or come up with your own Tanchara Twenty challenge.

We are so excited for you to get involved, and incredibly grateful for your donations and support for our new Tanchara Hub. Together, we can make a difference in this new community!