The Inclusion Centre

“Disabled children in Africa are being left behind. For too long, I have witnessed the discrimination and heartbreak that this causes, the isolation and stigma that destroys families and can end in the abandonment of children. Now that ATE is established, it is time to change this.” – Sarah Albeboure (Gardner)

SNAP is our Special Needs Awareness Programmes that works to support disabled children and their families in Lawra, Upper West Ghana. 2018 was our ‘Year of SNAP’ – the year we developed our SNAP programme further, bringing it into greater focus. 

As part of this, ATE secured land in the heart of Lawra to build an accessible Inclusion Centre – an inclusive building which will welcome disabled children and inspire the community. It is now where we host our monthly SNAP support groups for disabled children and their families. It serves as a safe space, a drop-in centre with a Play Scheme running twice a week for otherwise excluded, isolated and marginalised disabled children. It demonstrates ATE’s growth as an organisation and long-term approach to work in Lawra, whilst providing a fit for purpose, flexible working space for local and visiting staff, trustees and volunteers. And importantly, it is a visible beacon of unity and inclusion on the landscape of the Lawra community.

This was a huge capital project for us and one that we believe will solve key challenges that we face in terms of our capacity – for example, monthly SNAP meetings were at capacity for the hired-space we used to use and we had nowhere to store or develop much-needed resources. The Inclusion Centre is guaranteed to make a big impact in Lawra – it models inclusion and most importantly it will increase the visibility of marginalised disabled children and their families. It’s been amazing seeing this big dream project become a reality!