The Hub Model


To bring opportunities for children and adults living in the poorest parts of Ghana, we deliver programmes which improve access to education, inclusion and income generation. Our strategy is to deliver our full range of integrated support to rural communities in what we call a ‘Hub’. 


Our process is to select a rural area based on need, and assign a dedicated ATE Hub Manager to build relationships with the communities and lead on project delivery in the Hub. Our partnership with the local school is our entry point to work with the communities, to support children to complete their basic education, to identify and support often hidden disabled children, to enable growth of small businesses to increase household income, and introduce other programme developments over time such as dry season farming, apprenticeships and gender equality projects.

ATE has established 5 Hubs across Lawra Municipal to enable access to our programmes. In June 2019 we carried out a Hub Model Evaluation. This generated a shared understanding of the Hub Model among all staff, trustees, stakeholders and hub communities, and a greater commitment to deepen our impact through integrating our programmes, and to community engagement, outreach and communication. Community opinions reflected our shared belief that working with schools and individuals, leaving no one behind, ultimately benefits the whole community.

To continue with our development of the Hub Model, and build on the outcomes of the evaluation, this May, we launched a community meetings series in all of our Hubs. We’re focused on understanding the unique challenges faced by each community, so that we can work closer together to target our support – these meetings were a great start. People were keen to hear about ATE’s closer way of working and also make their voices heard on key issues such as school dropouts. We were able to better understand the unique challenges faced by each community, as well as building a broader picture of those common across all. We are hoping to do a series of Hub Community Meetings every quarter to further develop the relationship and dialogue with each of our communities!