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The Zambo Weavers

Cloth weavers – December 2012

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The Zambo Weavers, a group of three motivated, talented women, were granted for the first time in December 2012. With a start of just £120, these incredible women were able to kick start their business and change their lives, quickly becoming an ATE success story. After careful monitoring and evaluation, ATE granted The Zambo Weavers again in July 2013, and July 2015. Each time, they were able to add a future 30% of growth to their thriving business. Sadly, Vida,  one third of this dynamic team passed away in August 2016.  Her colleagues, Portia and Nteryne, are working hard to keep the business thriving and provide some support to Vida’s four children, who are now orphaned.

Aanye Comfort

Weaver – February 2016

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Comfort works from Pavuu and receives monthly visits from ATE to ensure her business development is on track.


Martha Albeboure

Meat Pie Cook – July 2015

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Martha makes and sells her own meat pies. She is managing her business well and no longer recieves monthly mentotring visits from ATE but is invited to attend BizATE’s annual conference where she can develop her business strategy and help her business continue to thriving.

Assbi Lamisi

Petty trader – July 2014

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When Lamisi’s husband died she struggled to support her three children and eventually decided to try her luck making a living in the south of Ghana which meant leaving her two older children behind in Lawra. Lamisi was not able to support her family this way and eventually returned to Lawra where she met Habib who encouraged her to apply for the BizATE programme. Lamisi has been able to establish herself as a competitive trader focussing on Palm oil; a strong business move as it doesn’t spoil like other goods and always has a steady demand. Lamisi is now able to pay her rent and bills while supporting her family.

Bergri Theresa

Seamstress – July 2015

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Theresa works in Lawra and has established a profitable business since she received her business grant from ATE in July 2015. She no longer receives monthly menotring but is invited to attend the annual BizATE conference to continue her relationship with ATE and to ensure that she has the tools she requires to continue developing her business.

Bemenyeh Dina

Rice seller – August 2016

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Dina works out of Yik-pe and currently receives monthly mentoring from ATE staff and consultants to help her business thrive.

Adams Andes

Gyil (Xylophone) maker – August 2016

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Gyil is the Daagare word for Xylophone and Lawra is in fact the world centre for traditional zylophones! Adams received a kickstart to his Gyil making business in August 2016 and continues to receive monthly mentoring visits from ATE staff and consultants in his workshop in Kolbon-Noure.


Basket weaver – July 2013

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Alfred was taught to weave baskets from guinea grass by his mother when he was just five years old. He spent most of his life working as a farmer and only made baskets to give as gifts. When he decided he was too old to keep farming he decided to turn his basket weaving into a business which has been a great success.

Baayelnibe John

Pot maker – February 2016

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John has been in partnership with the BizATE scheme for a year now, working hard to establish his business. He receives monthly visits from ATE to ensure he is happy with his business development.


Bayou Nicholas

Vet – August 2016

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Nicholas works as a vet in Zinkaa and currently receiving monthly mentoring visits from ATE to help his business develop.

Akos Melley

Gari and tomato seller – July 2014

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Gari is a popular West African food made form Cassava tubers, which Melley sells along with tomatoes at markets in Lawra. Melley is invited to attend the annual BizATE conference where she can meet other small business owners in the programme while learning new business strategies and check in with the ATE team.

Ari-Pour Patricia

Weaver – July 2015

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Based in Kalsagre, Patricia has established a successful weaving business and continues to attend BizATE’s annual conference where she can meet with other members of the BizATE programme.

Bayel Margaret

Weaver – February 2016

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Margaret is based in Dowine, the second hub that ATE expanded into. She weaves beautiful fabrics and has been working with BizATE for a year, which means she is still in the mentoring phase of the BizATE programme. This allows Margaret to get the most out of her relationship with ATE so she can continue her building her business.


Carpenter – July 2015

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Hayford works out of his workshop at the Chief’s Palace in Lawra where his has established a successful and profitable carpentry business. Hayford continues to attend the annual BizATE conference where he can learn new business skills and meet up with other BizATE partners.

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