SNAP Jirapa, known as ESONG, is a support group for disabled children in Jirapa District, providing monthly meetings for disabled children and their parents at Jirapa Hospital.

ESONG was initially set up under the VSO, Comic-Relief-funded project, Tackling Educational Needs Inclusively (TENI), supported by local representatives in health and education and ProNet North. ATE began supporting the group in 2013, paying for children’s health insurance, transportation and a hot meal at the end of each meeting and supports around 50 disabled children and families through the group in Jirapa each year.

ESONG is run by Emelda Tugkpar, a trained physiotherapy nurse who is a wheelchair user herself. Each year we financially support disabled children in Jirapa to have an orthopedic consultation and equipment to enable them to walk, to improve their mobility and independence.

Registered charity number: 1149988