SNAP Dowine

The SNAP (Special Needs Awareness Programme) support group was launched in Dowine in October 2016 to bring all the support of SNAP closer to disabled children and families living in more rural areas. The decision was taken to launch this new group having listened to SNAP member’s challenges and what we could do to improve the positive impact SNAP is already having on their lives. Having looked at where SNAP members live and how far they were travelling to attend monthly SNAP meetings in Lawra town, along with the encouraging consultation with the Dowine community, everything suggested that setting up a SNAP hub at Dowine would be a very positive move.

With the introduction of  SNAP at Dowine village, ATE is now offering a full range of support from across all our programmes, creating a real hub to work with communities in the area. It has also enabled ATE, through the SNAP programme, to serve more disabled children and their families more effectively.

Registered charity number: 1149988