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The Covid-19 crisis is far from over. The people of Lawra, particularly in the rural areas, are suffering. Many are hungry, children are out of school, adults are not able to make the small income they usually rely on, incidences of abuse are rocketing. They need us to respond to make sure they survive now, and to prepare to enable them to Rebuild their lives.


Our Strategy

The founding principal of ATE has always been to respond directly to community need. We place great value on listening to local voices and taking focused action to provide opportunities for people to improve their own lives. In these rapidly changing times, ‘responding’ is more important than ever.

As the communities we work in become increasingly impacted by the pandemic, we are required to work flexibly, dynamically, and with the needs of our beneficiaries at the heart of every single decision we make. We have carried out intensive monitoring and evaluation to ensure that we understand exactly what we need to do to ensure that the people of Lawra have the very best chance to thrive.

Over the next six months, ATE will implement a series of tangible, focused initiatives. We will make sure children return to school, kickstart the economy, and make sure the most vulnerable parents can meet the basic needs of their families.

We need your help to do this.


We will continue responding to widespread hunger by ensuring that the most vulnerable have food to eat. For just £5 a month, we can provide a food package to families of disabled children – this aid is the difference between starvation and survival.

To understand this need, click on the icon to the right to read the story of a SNAP family, whose already low income plummeted when markets were shut due to COVID-19 restrictions

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School closures means that children are working in dangerous situations just to survive, mainly in the south of Ghana. Our ‘back to school’ packs will ensure they can travel back home, and get back to education.

The devastation of the economy has had a huge impact on our amazing small businesses owners, we will work with these vibrant entrepreneurs to mend their businesses and ensure they can make enough profit to feed their families.

Numbers of abuse, child marriage and teenage pregnancy have rocketed through the crisis – our Community Action Fund will enable us to facilitate family negotiations, step in where needed, and repair the lives of vulnerable children.

To understand this need, click on the icons below to read the stories of Solomon, a student who had to drop out of school; Mary, a weaver whose new business was hard hit by lockdown restrictions; Olivia, a student who migrated south for work; and Ali, a farmer who was driven into his savings.


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By giving the community an extra boost and letting new developments emerge, we will help the people of Lawra to face the ‘new normal’.

We will enable innovative dry season farmers to increase the yield and productivity of their farms, help our families of disabled children to earn a living and have a safe home, and set up a cohort of brand new sustainable businesses.

To understand this need, click on the icons below to read the vast impact of the coronavirus pandemic on families of disabled children, and the difficulties of Lissa community farming group, and how you can help.



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We’re proud to share first hand stories of how the people of Lawra
have been impacted by the pandemic. Read the collection here

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