Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is an end to poverty in Upper West Ghana. We are committed to achieving a measurable reduction in poverty in Lawra by 2020 through social and economic development.

Our values

Our values are:

  • Respect, dignity and equality
  • Asking, listening and responding
  • Collaboration, integration and partnership
  • Empowering and engaging
  • Honesty, accountability and shared responsibility

What we do

ATE works directly with communities in Upper West Ghana, reducing poverty through education, enterprise and social change.

ATE does this through working in partnership with the local community and key stakeholders (such as GES & GHS) on three key programmes of work.

Our programmes:

  • EducATE – to enable children to access and complete a full course of education
  • BizATE – to create and encourage sustainable income generation for small business owners through grants, training and mentoring
  • Special Needs Awareness Programme (SNAP) – to challenge discrimination of children with special needs and their families, and to provide emotional, educational, and practical support to enable them to achieve their full potential and to access opportunities and services

Registered Charity: 1149988