Over the course of 2017, we invited all our supporters to join us in our biggest challenge yet – to collectively amass enough miles to cover the distance as the crow flies between our UK office in Ramsbury and the district of Lawra in Upper West Ghana where we deliver our development programmes – the 2800 Mile Challenge! Any sponsored activity covering any distance could be included, and not forgetting all the training miles you put in! Whether it’s a horse riding event completed in one day or a pledge to skate board for half an hour every day for a month, to an ultra marathon or a walk with your dog, we wanted you to complete those activities in support of ATE and together  cover the 2800 miles between us and Lawra.

It was a fantastic challenge! People got their friends involved too! We even had two whole villages join in! Over 2017 we were blown away by the creative, daring and physically exerting challenges our fabulous supporters came up with. And, together we raised a whopping £3,703 and covered an incredible 2812 miles! We did it!!

Check out the #2800MileChallenge activities…