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Sarah Gardner

Chief Executive

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Sarah lived for 12 months in Lawra from February 201 where she worked as a full time Teacher Support Officer with Ghana Education Service and VSO (Voluntary Services Overseas). Sarah has been the inspiration for ATE – the 3 projects have arisen from her Education Service role and her spare time activities in Lawra. Sarah currently works 3 and a half days a week for ATE, combining a masters degree in Poverty Reduction with the development of the charity, acting as the primary link between ATE UK and the local support team and community in Lawra. To read more about her experiences in Ghana. 

Visit Sarah’s blog    |    sarah@ateghana.org

Habib Albeboure

Ghana Operations Manager

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Habib is a native of Lawra Chiefs Palace. He has lived all his life in Lawra and has an excellent understanding of his community. Habib passionately supports development and is dedicated to improving the lives of people in Lawra. Habib works closely with Sarah, providing support, advice and local knowledge. Habib’s understanding of Lawra and excellent people skills both have a powerful impact, and are a vitally important part of ATE’s success.


Leela Shanti

Operations & Fundraising Office

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Leela first went to live and work in Ghana in 2012, as a Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) Community Advocacy Support Office. She has a background in equality and diversity in higher education and the health sector in the UK, and in the charity sector supporting families with disabled children across England. She has academic and practical experience of the development sector, and has worked on education development projects in both North and South Ghana.




Leela began volunteering for ATE in June 2015, she worked on projects in Lawra for 4 months before returning to the UK and continuing as volunteer in the ATE UK Office. As of January 2016, Leela has taken up the position of Fundraising and Operations Officer on a part time basis and we are thrilled to have been able to welcome her to the team.

Visit Leela’s Blog    |    leela@ateghana.org 

Edith Kebo

Project Assistant

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Edith joined Action Through Enterprise as our part-time ATE Project Assistant in January 2016. Edith was born and raised in Lawra District, she understands the hopes and dreams of her community and is dedicated to increasing opportunities for people in Lawra District to reach their full potential. Currently, Edith’s main responsibilities are overseeing the ATE school feeding programme at Dowine Junio High School, as well as supporting the growth and development of small businesses in the area under the BizATE project.


Pip Coid

Founder Member and Volunteer

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Pip is a founder member and key ATE Volunteer. Having contributed significant administrational support, from 2012 to 2016, Pip has now stepped out of this ‘day to day’ role but continues to act as an important Ambassador and gives ad-hoc voluntary support where needed. Pip also visits Ghana very regularly, where her background in Children and Families’ social work and time as a Consultant Psychotherapist working for Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust add tremendous value to ATE’s work.


Sara Thompson

Volunteer Book Keeper

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Sara joined the ATE team in May 2015 as a Volunteer Bookkeeper. Sara is working on ‘the books’ for approximately 2 days a month, helping us to keep track of our finances and monitor spending.

As well as having excellent administration skills, Sara is a keen and able fundraiser. She worked for Prospect for one year, as a Community Fundraiser for the Marlborough Savernake Appeal where she was able to inspire the community to raise a massive £160,00. Her background in nursing and nursing agency management, has given her countless transferable skills which we are delighted to be able to make use of at ATE.

Sara is visited Ghana in January 2016, where she carried out the monitoring and evaluating ATE’s school feeding program.

Visit her Blog    |    sara.t@ateghana.org


ATE Consultants


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ATE has trained 31 bright, young local people to help work with our businesses. We combine our trustees’ knowledge of business, ATE staff’s development experience and the consultants’ local knowledge and ability to interact with the people we work with. Between them they have a range of valuable skills, qualifications and experience which is utilised across the full spectrum of our programmes. We are extremely grateful for their time and dedication to working with ATE to tackle poverty in their own communities across the Upper West.

Charles Gardner

Chair of Trustees

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Charles is instrumental in the planning, execution and monitoring of the BizATE Program, where his extensive business background contributes significantly. Regular trips to Ghana are an important part of his role, where Charles facilitates training workshops for ATE’s Small Business Owners and Consultants. As well as taking a lead role in strategy, Charles also line manages Habib (Ghana Operations Manager).


Susan Suchopar


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Susan is involved in the day-to-day running of ATE where provides support to all activities. She acts as human resources advisor, policy advisor and attends to monthly Operational Management Meetings. Susan is a key fundraiser and advocate for ATE.


Peter Maple


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Peter has had an extensive career as a successful fundraiser, fundraising manager and fundraising director in a variety of charities. He entered academia in 2006 teaching fundraising on the postgraduate programs, as well as researching the nature of philanthropy. This experience and understanding is invaluable to ATE, where Peter’s support and advice on fundraising is vital.

Andrew Ritchie


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Andrews extensive accountancy experience and expertise is vital in his role as ATE’s treasurer. He provides advice on all areas of finances, as well as preparing the annual accounts.

Alice Delelmare


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Alice first became connected with ATE when she lived in Upper West Ghana for 18 months as a Community Advocacy Support Officer in the district of Jirapa. Alice is currently Campaigns Adviser at Bond. Her background is in international development, advocacy and campaigning. She has worked in a variety of advocacy and campaigning roles including with Oxfam, VSO, the Electoral Reform Society and in the constituency office of an MP. She also has a Master’s Degree in Development Studies and Gender. Alice brings a wealth of development expertise to the team, as well as an excellent understanding of Upper West Ghana.


Ernest Tampouri

Project Assistant

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Ernest, a native of Lawra, has been a key member of the ATE team as a volunteer, Consultant and ambassador since 2014. He then became a Small Business Owner in July 2015. Starting with just a small grant to begin his mobile clothing enterprise, he quickly became ATE’s most successful small business and is now the proud owner of a thriving store – Lane One Collections . He is a dynamic, hardworking young man with a passion for fashion and a drive to succeed. Ernest will be working specifically on ATE’s brand new project – VocATE. This is a vocational development project which will support 10 motivated people to train in an apprenticeship of their choice.

Sarah Livesey

Office Manager

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Sarah joined ATE Ghana in October 2016 as part-time office manager providing general and financial administrative support as well as providing support to volunteers and staff to aid in the organisation of funding and operational activities.

Originally trained as an archaeologist and physical anthropologist, Sarah has been fortunate to travel extensively in these roles, living and working amidst different cultures and languages, from Turkish Kurdistan to Somaliland, an autonomous region in the north of Somalia.

Sarah is an active player in many humanitarian issues, including charities aimed at refugee support, spending time volunteering in the Filippiada Refugee Camp in North-western Greece. She also participates in mapathons for Missing Maps, which helps to ‘map’ remote and underdeveloped areas to assist international aid and emergency response during crises.


Jonathan Hall

Community Fundraiser and Relationship Manager

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Jonathan joined the staff of ATE in April 2017. He has been tasked with the role of Community Fundraiser and Relationship Manager, and he will be working for between one and two days a week. Jonathan has been a volunteer for ATE over the past year in the Special Needs division of the charity; he first travelled out to Lawra in August 2016 to understand better the situation of the Special Needs children, and in November 2016 he has held a fundraising exhibition of his paintings in which he raised almost £5000 for ATE’s SNAP project in Lawra. In January 2017 he travelled out to Lawra to deliver a programme of activities for the Special Needs children there. Jonathan also paid a visit to Lawra in  October 2016 to obtain base data for the Gombile school just prior to its inclusion in the school feeding programme.

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