Give A Better Gift This Christmas.

This Christmas, why not give a better gift?

A thoughtful, impactful gift that is genuinely needed.

We have selected a range of poverty-busting gifts that will make a real difference to people living in Upper West Ghana and that your family and loved ones will treasure for a lifetime.

Simply pick the poverty-punching gift you would like to send to you friends or family this Christmas, click on the unique link and make your purchase through BT MyDonate. We will send the giftcard to the address you provide through BT MyDonate for you to include your own special message before gifting to your loved one.

Give a gift that makes a difference this Christmas.

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Year long health care access for a disabled child – £10

One of the aims of ATE’s Special Needs Awareness Programme, is to ensure that disabled children, and their families, living in one of the most poorest and rural parts of Ghana can access basic and specialist health care as and when they need it. This requires each child to be registered with the health services in advance, a process which costs just £10 but is too often unaffordable to many of the families we support. This gift would guarantee that a disabled child in Lawra has the safety of health care access, so that they can be given the opportunity to flourish without the financial constraints of medical bills. 

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A smart new uniform and learning materials for a school child in Lawra – £20

Just £20 will provide a smart new uniform and learning materials for a child attending an ATE supported school. We want all children in the Upper West to have the opportunity to thrive at school, and simple resources like a uniform and stationary can make the world of difference. Lack of access to resources because of availability and expense is a big problem for students trying their best to learn and complete their basic education. This gift would ensure that a child has the uniform and materials they need to attend, participate, and make the most of their time at school. When you feel the part, and you have the resources, you are able to achieve so much more!

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12 months mentorship for a BizATE small business owner – £50

With a £50 donation you can give a truly valuable gift, with a long-lasting and extensive impact. A fundamental aspect of our BizATE small business programme is the vital advice, confidence, and support given by the important relationship between a business owner and their mentor. Mentors are integral in helping the business take its first steps: visiting their small business owners regularly, being on call if any issues should arise, and frequently attending workshops and meetings. With a supportive and helpful hand, our small business owners have more opportunity to grow their business and generate a sustainable income. Your gift would help a budding entrepreneur’s dream come true- truly a gift worth giving!

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