Gabriel lives far away from his school in the remote village of Gombele. The journey on foot was tiring and long. Determined to buy himself a bicycle, Gabriel left school and travelled to the south of Ghana in search of work. Many young people, including children, drop out of school in search of employment in the more affluent south. This can include dangerous and illegal mining.

As often happens, Gabriel was not able to find profitable employment. But fortunately for Gabriel, one of his relatives was able to encourage to return to Lawra and enrol back into school. Gabriel was not able to make enough money to buy a bike and continues to walk the long distance into school each day.

While it is encouraging that Gabriel’s family understands the importance of education and has encouraged him back into school, it is stories like this that motivate us to raise more money, to be able to do more to help children like Gabriel.

If stories like Gabriel’s move you too, please consider donating to our Big Give fundraising page (, where the first £2,100 of donations are being doubled by special contributors between 28th Nov and 5th Dec. With the Big Give we are aiming to raise a total of £4,200 to support our school feeding programme and encourage more children like Gabriel into school for a brighter future.

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