We have thoroughly enjoyed the past few months of being lucky enough to have a “pop-up” office space at no. 7 The Square, Ramsbury. Recognising that so much of the charity’s achievements would not be possible without the loyal and dedicated support of our own local community in Ramsbury, it has been wonderful to be based in the heart of the village!

We have been fortunate enough to benefit from a subsidised rent from landlady Jennie Whiting and Winkworth estate agents after they moved on. However, this arrangement will terminate at the end of March when the rent will increase to a level which as a small charity with commitments to delivery of our programmes in Lawra, we simply cannot afford.

We are now urgently appealing either for support with the costs to be able to stay where we are on the Square, or for alternative office accommodation for our 3 part-time staff in Ramsbury area. The importance of being based locally cannot be stressed enough as a presence in or close to Ramsbury village is essential to our fundraising, management of our operations, and not least the benefit to the organisation brought by our team of local volunteers.

If this is something you can help with, if you have any empty office space in the area that could be offered at a low rent, or suggestions of someone we could contact, please do not hesitate to get in touch:

Sarah Gardner, Chief Executive, sarah@ateghana.org or call Leela Shanti on 07956636089 | leela@ateghana.org